• American Bowling Congress Championships
  • What your 800 and a woman's 700 plaque will look like.
  • What your 11 in a row will look like.
  • What your 300 plaque will look like.
  • GENESEE REGION USBC HALL OF FAME: From left, Sam Scopano, proprietor of Scopano's Lanes in Oakfield; Penny Brown, Mike Pettinella and Jerry Davis were inducted into the Genesee Region USBC Hall of Fame on Saturday (May 9, 2015) at a ceremony at Bennington
  • 7-10, Big four awards
  • Trinket awards- Coaster, mug, koozy/these are personalized
  • Beer Stein or Wine Glass for TRIPLICATE SCORE- This is personalized
  • Trinket awards- Landyard, pen, keychain, flashlight pen-These are not personalized
  • Genesee Region logo hat-Blue, Red, Black are your choices in small, medium, or large flex fit
  • Genesee Region Sport Tek Moisture wicking logo shirt-All sizes available
  • Genesee Region Hooded fleece, all sizes available-Red, Navy, Black
  • Genesee Region 1/4 zip fleece, all sizes available- Red, Navy, Black
  • 1/4 zip fleece in red
  • Landyard
  • 0
  • 0
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Honor Scores
  • 300 - Curtis Foss 03/04/16

  • 300 - Curtis Foss 02/29/16

  • 300 - Gregg Wolff 02/28/16

  • 300 - Curtis Foss 02/24/16

  • 300 - Paul Spiotta 02/21/16

  • 300 - Mike Pettinella 02/04/16

+ More Honor Scores

Association News....

CLICK HERE for a List of GRUSBC Services

AWARDS FOR OUR BOWLERS: The Genesee Region USBC is proud of its awards program, which recognizes bowlers of all ages and all skill levels. Secretaries can submit awards to the association office by clicking on the Links tab at the top of this page and filling out the GRUSBC Online Submission Form.

Rule 17a is There to Ensure Fairness in Tournaments

AUGUST 15, 2016 -- When it comes to tournament competition, protecting the integrity of the game is the "name of the game."

The Genesee Region USBC is making a renewed commitment to ensuring that all tournament bowlers get a fair shake. Tournament bowlers can rest assured that all entering averages will be scrutinized -- utilizing the tools available per USBC rules.

One of those is Rule 17a, which governs tournament management's right to adjust averages prior to competition for a variety of reasons when there is information indicating the bowler's entering average does not represent the bowler's ability.

Information that can be used includes, but is not limited to:

Average bowled on a Sport/Challenge condition but league was not marked as such
• Bowler has multiple league averages which are tremendously higher, all with less than 21 games
• Bowler shows a big decrease in average in consecutive years
• Bowler has had his/her entering average adjusted by another tournament

Did you know USBC Rule 17a-2 allows for disqualification of scores when this information is discovered after the player has bowled? According to Rule 17a, the penalty for violating this rule includes loss of games, prize winnings and disqualification.

Although disqualification may seem extreme, it is a comfort to the other tournament participants to know tournament management is protecting the integrity of the game.

League Supplies to be Distributed
at Two Meetings in August

JULY 29, 2016 -- Genesee Region USBC President Tom Fluker has announced that league secretary meetings in preparation for the 2016-17 season will take place on two consecutive Wednesday nights next month.

The first meeting is scheduled for Aug. 17 at Mount Morris Lanes and the second one is set for Aug. 24 at Mancuso Bowling Center in Batavia. Both will begin at 6:30.

"We are holding two meetings -- one in the southern region of our association and the other in the northern region -- in an effort to attract as many league secretaries and officers as possible," Fluker said. "We strongly urge all secretaries to attend as much information will be shared and league supplies will be distributed."

League secretaries from the following centers are asked to attend the meeting on Aug. 17 in Mount Morris -- Cal Bowl in Caledonia, Letchworth Pines in Portageville, Livingston Lanes in Geneseo, Mount Morris Lanes and Perry Bowling Center.

League secretaries from the following centers are asked to attend the meeting on Aug. 24 in Batavia -- Bennington Lanes, Legion Lanes in Le Roy, Mancuso Bowling Center, Medina Lanes, Oak Orchard Bowl in Albion, Rose Garden Bowl in Bergen and Scopano's Lanes in Oakfield,

Diligence Required When it Comes to League Finances

JULY 29, 2016 -- With only three days left in the 2015-2016 season, we hope you have all the tools you need to prepare for the 2016-2017 season.

This Week's Hot Topics

League finances are not usually a "hot topic" unless they go missing. Please take a few minutes to review all the safeguards and required rules and procedures to safeguard league funds.

League Funds
Click here to learn what to do when it comes to league finances.

League account tools
In Center Banking Agreement
• Many banking institutions require an Employee Identification Number (EIN) to open an account for a league. An EIN can be obtained from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). USBC has created a guide to assist you in obtaining an EIN.

For the Treasurer
Simple Bookkeeping
Sample Financial Statement
For the President
Verification of League Account Form
League Audit Procedures

Did You Know ...

USBC recommends checks be used to pay prize funds of more than $10,000? See what you must know about Bonding.

Mythbusters – True or false

Myth #6: The league president must calculate weekly fees to verify the account.
Myth #11: I can put league funds into my personal account.
Click here for the answers to these and many more Mythbusters.

Despite the Perception, USBC Certification Has its Benefits

JULY 14, 2016 -- All too often, representatives of the United States Bowlling Congress -- at the national, state and local levels -- are faced with the question from bowlers: "What do we get for our membership dues?"

We at the Genesee Region USBC believe that USBC certification is definitely worth the small investment -- a one-time fee of $18 -- and we have put your money to work by developing one of the best award programs in New York State. You can find a list of our awards by clicking on the Downloads tab on this website.

Not sure what you get for your membership dues?

CLICK HERE for an article on the benefits of USBC membership from Sept. 2014, written by incoming Association Manager Mike Pettinella.

CLICK HERE for an outline of the role of USBC at the national level.

CLICK HERE for a summary of the Adult Basic membership option.

For more information, contact us at tfstrikeforce@msn.com.

GRUSBC Hires Mike Pettinella as Association Manager

JULY 12, 2016 -- The Genesee Region USBC has voted unanimously to hire Mike Pettinella of Batavia, a GRUSBC Hall of Famer and current association manager for the New York State USBC, as its as the new association manager, effective Aug. 1.

"We're pleased to have someone with Mike's knowledge of the business of bowling and experience as a tournament director to help our local association move forward for the benefit of all of our members," said GRUSBC President Tom Fluker. 

Pettinella, former manager of Mancuso Bowling Center, has been the association manager of the New York State USBC -- a merged state association with around 100,000 members -- since 2011.

He also continues to write a bowling column in the Batavia Daily News, and is responsible for the content of the NYS USBC website -- www.bowlny.com.  He also will be posting to this website on a regular basis.

Bowlers wishing to correspond with Mike about GRUSBC matters can reach him at mikep@bowlgr.com starting on Aug. 1.

Pettinella will replace Laurie Cole, who announced her resignation after serving in that capacity for three years. "On behalf of the board, I wish to thank Laurie Cole for her service," Fluker said.

Attention League Officers: USBC Defines Your Duties

JULY 8, 2016 -- The United States Bowling Congress, in an effort to keep the communication lines open with its local association and league officers and directors, will be sending the USBC Rules Extra feature to emails of record every Thursday during the month of July.

We at the Genesee Region USBC also are committed to informing our members of new developments and topics of interest, and we will be sharing this "news you can use" on a regular basis during the bowling season. 

This Week's Hot Topics: The duties for each officer.

President – More than a figurehead
General overview of the president's duties
Meet with the center regarding the league contract. More on contracts in Issue 2.
How to run a meeting
Enforce rules
Appoint Audit and Prize Committees
Verify the league account monthly

Vice President – An important role
Fill in for the president when not available
Review the links above about the President's duties

Secretary – The go-to person
General overview of the secretary's duties
Get league information from the local association
Ensure every bowler completes a membership application and pays fees or has a receipt for membership fees already paid
Certify the league as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days
Update the league rules and pass out to the team captains
Post and/or pass out a league schedule
Update standings and pass out recap sheets weekly
Send in final averages as requested by the local association

Treasurer – The financial go-to person
General overview of the treasurer's duties
Work with the president to get an account set up in the name of the league with two signatures
Make deposits within 7 days
Make sure bowlers are current in league fees
Complete a financial statement at the end of the season

Did you know...
Two members of an immediate family cannot serve as president or vice president and secretary- treasurer or treasurer of the same league or co-sign for withdrawals from a league account, even if they do not reside in the same household?

Members of an immediate family include mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, husbands, sons, brothers, fathers, stepsisters, stepbrothers, stepmothers, stepfathers and in-laws. Same gender spouses are considered immediate family.

Honoring Our Bowlers at the Season-Ending Banquet

Association Manager Laurie Cole presents Marv Christ winner of the $1,500 Lowe's Gift Card at the GRUSBC Awards Banquet in May at Batavia Downs.


Regina Hanks (Oak Orchard Lanes), and Sara Zakes and Erica Gibson (Scopano's Lanes) received GRUSBC scholarships

Mark Brown introduces newest HOF member Jackie Jurinich of Medina

Curtis Foss of Medina was honored for posting the association's high average (241) and high series (845).